Captured smiles

My niece left and sister right.

I took this photo last Friday. I was practising for my portrait assignment. This was not the photo I submitted for my photo workshop but I just like this shot a lot. Look at those lovely smiles. My personal favorite. You know why they are niece turned a year older and my sister will soon get married!

I remembered, when my niece was still young, her mom was working abroad, so we took good care of her. She was so cute and cuddly as a baby. Now she's turning into a lady.

Whilst my sister, well....she's the masungit type but I love her for that hahaha. In a few months she'll have her own family and I think if time permits, they'll settle abroad, a bit sad but this is what I wanted for her. To have someone that will truly take care of her (ate mode!!!!)

Oh well...that's life is all about. Loving your family and enjoying every single moment with them while they are with you!