Energized Seller

Does your pet have the factor that will entice a prospective home buyer to get that deal in your own hand? Or maybe you just want to earn $500 instantly? So easy, simply join the funny pet pictures contest by Energized Seller!

You just need to sign up on Energized Seller and post the picture of your own pet or someone else's pet in the funny pet pictures contest thread and have a chance to win $500. Great deal huh? Now, while you wait for the contest result ,you might want to check out the 101 Home Selling and Staging Tips.This is definitely beneficial if you are into house or property selling business. IT would be a great help to increase the chances of selling more properties.

Oh by the way, I joined this photo. It's cute funny monkey from my friends place. He owns it and treat it not only a pet but like a little brother. Actually that monkey is not only cute but he also knew many antics that really crack me up! Ain’t he cute. .

Interested? Do check out their site-Energized Seller and I am so sure, after reading everything, you’ll want your pet to be in that contest.