Beef Tapa take 3

Beef Tapa
I've already shared ways on how to make beef tapa here and here.

Let me share another variation which for me is the easiest but equally yummy. You just need 2 ingridients.
2lbs of breakfast steak and 1/4 cup of this.....

Sukang Pinakurat - You can pick between the spicy or the sweetend vinegar. Just marinate the beef in the pinakurat vinegar overnight. Then thats it. You can cook it the next day. Easy right?

Just in case, Pinakurat is new to you's the spicy vinegar made from fermented coconut nectar and spices harvested in the wild mountain of Iligan City. Hubz bought two variant at the supermarket a week ago, the spicy and the sweetend vinegar.
We also love pinakurat for our danggit, longanisa, tocino and other favorite pinoy food that needs spicy vinegar as dipping....yummeh!
By the way this Pinoy product is exported in the United States, Europe and Australia. Galing noh?