Fish Fillet and Tofu in Oyster Sauce

As I've said in my previous post, I love eating tofu. I love including it in my salad, in some pork or beef dishes and vegtables. For last night's dinner, we had fish fillet and tofu in oyster sauce.

To prepare this, just marinate 250 grams of fish fillet ( I used cream dory) in calamansi juice (4 pcs)with salt and pepper for an hour

When the fish fillet are ready, prepare the batter. But first heat oil in a frying pan. Then mix 1 tbsp of flour, add 1 beaten egg, Season with salt and pepper. Cover the fish with the batter and fry the fish, making sure both side are brown. After cooking the fish fillet, set it aside then fry the cubed tofu on the same pan, then set it aside.

Now will make the sauce...
Saute onions, garlic then ginger. Thrown in the julienne carrots. Stir fry for a minute then add a cup of water. Simmer for a while then drizzle oyster sauce depending on your taste. Thicken sauce with cornstarch dissolved in water. You may season it with salt and pepper if you want.

To serve,
place steaming rice in a bowl, then top the rice with fried tofu and fish fillet. Spoon the thicken sauce over. Drizzle oyster sauce and sesame oil and then serve hot. Yummy!