Maver's Stabucks Planner Give-Away

If I were a Starbucks drink I would be tall, non fat, decaf , peppermint mocha.

Like the drink which is a combination of espresso, bittersweet chocolate, peppermint flavor, creamy hot milk and yummy whipped cream. I’m person who is fun, fearless, warm and sweet. A down to earth individual stuck in a mainstream world. I'm a person who is family oriented, complex, and extremely fussy. :)

This is my entry for Maver's Starbucks Planner Palooza give-way. I am hoping to win a Starbucks 2010 Cherry Planner.

Interested to join too? You still got plenty of time. Deadline for the submission of entries is at 11:59 pm, December 12, 2009. Oh by the way, it's the same date for Maver and Haligi's wedding anniversary. Happy Anniversary to both of you. How fast time flies noh maver... I suddenly remember our wawie days. :)


AiDiSan said...

Sad...I missed this promo.

Two of my officemates were lucky to have Starbucks planner.

I on the other hand, bought a Cosmo planner so I'll be more organize for 2010.