The other week, my aunt from Samar visited us here in Manila. She brought us this suman with chocolate flavor called moron. Whenever someone from the province visits us here, I would always asked for this suman....yum yum!

It's end of the work week na pala, yehey!!!!
Happy Food Friday everyone!


nuts said...

oh my, is this suman, looks very yummy!!!
your aunt is from samar? where in samar?
btw, me award ako for you

Paula said...

Hindi ko ata nakita to nung pumunta ako ng Samar. Will look for this next time.

Hope you can join my pakulo. :)

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I'll be waiting for you. ^^


Anonymous said...

we used to make this when i was still in Manila...yummy!!!

i envy your cooking skills ;-)


♡u8mypinkc00kies♡ said...

looks so yummy!! sana meron available sa manila. ahaha.