My usual brekky when I was in Sydney. English muffin, scarambled eggs with hotdogs. A hearty breakfast but I often had breakfast alone. Lungkot noh?

Buti na lang dito na ko Pinas!

Joining Food Friday again. Happy Foodie Friday!


docgelo said...

aha! you have another blog and it's making me drool! haha.. where was i that i didn't find this before; will link this with mine. favorite breakfast din namin yan, sarap!

Fine Life Folk said...

yey, pinay ka na uli hehe. you just reminded me to try having my scrambled eggs combined with hotdogs naman for a change

maiylah said...

you can never be alone if you're with good food, lol :)

thanks for playing again, Jeanny
...but pardon my very late visit.. :)