Hubz went home with this pasalubong this evening.... 

Freshly made Kimchi,
He bought it from a korean store at Paseo at Sta. Rosa Laguna. I love kimchi. I could eat it alone like a salad. Yum yum

Few months ago,  I posted here the recipe for kimchi fried rice. The husband loves it and I think, I will be making this again this weekend. :)

If you want the recipe for Kimchi Fried Rice, you can have it here.

Happy weekend everyone and Happy Food Friday everyone!


maiylah said...

i love eating kimchi, too...but i'm the only one who loves eating it here at home. i think it's time i get myself a bottle! :)

Madz said...

Hi! Visiting from Food Quote. The kimchi and kimchi rice looks great but my first and only try of it, I didn't like it.

They say it's an acquired taste or maybe the one I tasted was just not that good? I bought it from SM Supermarket. Have you tried any from the bottled ones there? :D

Jay - agent112778 said...

i want to pair kimchi in all grilled meats

here's my FOOD FRIDAY entry

Jeanny said...

Thanks for visiting Mai and Jay.

Madz, I tried the ones at the bottle, SM bought din. Okay din naman taste nila but I like the ones hubz bought at korean stores, authentic.
I think, nasanay na lang ako sa taste ng kimchi, it's hubz favorite na rin ksi.

sheng said...

I wanna try kimchi, never had a good try at that!

elpi said...

Love kimchi. .healthy and YUM! want to try this dish so soon