My Saturday was Fun

Last Saturday, Hubby and I went at the World Trade Center for the Manila International Book Fair which celebrated its 25th Anniversary

I really had fun that day. Seeing those wide choices of books. I really wanted to buy all the books I found but some are not on sale and expensive. So I decided to buy 2 Sophie Kinsella books which are "Confession of a Shapaholic" and "Shapaholic Takes Manhattan". I got them with a 10% discount. That's a big thing. I started reading the first Shapaholic book and it's really hilarious. Cant wait to finish it and start reading the second book.

There were lots of booth there such as ABS-CBN booth which sell kiddy vhs, Readers's Digest, Powerbooks, Fullybook(where I bought the Kinsella book), Aviba, Summmit Publication and many more. National Bookstore has a booth also, a big one, as Jennie had mentioned in her previous post, it's more of a branch than a booth. Too bad she went on a Friday. I wasn't able too see her personally.

The fair has a P5.00 entrance fee, but some guy gave us a leaflet which allows us to enter the fair for free. So we had a P10.00 saving. Yup we got a discount on the books and on the entrance fee but the prices of softdrink are a bit higher that the original price. A can of Pepsi cost P35.00. Dj joke a bit, he said " mura nga mga books dito pero ang pagkain hindi". I told him nevermind the food, we can eat outside, the books are much important here :)

We left the place at around 4:00pm. I was wearing a huge smile that time. I was very hapy with the two books that I bought at the fair. By the way, I kept the name tags given to us at the entrance. I will put it in the scrapbook I'll soon start. It will serve as a souvenir :D