TGIF and Im home.

Well, I’m just here at home. Resting. I’m sick. Got cough and cold and worse I’ve been sneezing too much. Oh it really gives me a headache. But I manage to blog. Ha ha ha, I’m a certified blog addict).

I texted hubby, Told him that I'm not feeling good and got to stay home. He answered back. “Okay, you take care. Let nanay muna take care of you and I’ll do the rest later after work. Miss you”.
I’m very lucky of having a husband who is so caring and a mom who is just next door, who cooks for me and Dj when we get home late, wash our dishes when I'm late for work in the morning and don’t have time to wash them. Teaches me to cook and mend worn clothes. I'm a mama’s girl. Though I'm married now, my mom takes care of me that is, if Dj is not around. Like now, she prepared a sumptuous arroz caldo for me. Yumyum. Oh well, I got to go back to bed now before mom sees me hitting the keyboard.

I love you mom and your the best mom in the world!

Happy Weekend everyone!