A restful weekend...

Last Saturday was a total rest day for me. I woke up at 10:00am, had grilled hotdogs and some wheat bread. Then I decided to watch tv when my eyes bit by bit closes. So there were I sleepy after breakfast. What a neat way to relax huh. I woke up at 2:30pm. When I open my eyes, saw hubby doing some ofc work, so with all my strength I jump off from bed and drink lots water. Hubby then asked me if I want to go at the mall. I was a little lazy to go out but cant help it. SM malls are on sale. I hurriedly took a shower, get dressed and we hit the road to visit SM Fairview.

Argggghhh...There were lots of people at SM (Im hating sale already), so I asked hubby if we could go at Robinson (which is infront of SM). After a few minutes, we were at robinson. I did a little shopping. Bought some shirt for me and hubby. Bought a new pair of shoes, a Christmas decor, and ofcourse the shoe rack that we really need at home. I got tired after 5 hours of shopping. So we decided to have dinner. We had shawarma with lots of veggies ( I asked the food server to add more veggies than the meat), it was delicious. After finishing the shawarma, I was really full then. We then went home and fix the shoe rack that we bought.

At home, hubby was very excited to assemble the rack, after 30 minutes, he finished it and cleaned those shoes which are under our bed. The shoes are all messy, with all those dust, It made me sneeze a couple of times. Hubby laugh and laugh in my sneezing. Anyway, while he was assembling the rack, I don't know what's with me that night that I decided to clean our ref at around 9:30pm, (maybe because I wake up late that made me energetic) After the ref, I cleaned the dish organizer, the bathroom, replaced bedding and pillow case. Dust the tv, computer, dvd player and other things that my eyes can see. While Im cleaning, hubby washes the car outside. We finished doing our late midnight cleaning at around 3:00am. We're both filthy, I took a shower, while hubby did some net surfing. When it was his turn to take a shower,I checked my emails. At around 3:45am, we kisses goodnight and went to bed. But before we have some shut eyes, I said to him "hmmm...I think I'll wake up a late again"


To Cez who is a dear ym chat friend, congratulation, she's 6 weeks pregnant.