Beauty in and beauty out

Last night I watched Oprah ,the episode was an interview with Stevie Wonder. Who wouldn't know this great musician, singer and a brilliant songwriter. It brings back the time when I love singing his song Overjoyed and my ever favorite isn't she lovely which Mr. Stevie composed for her daughter when she was 8 months old. Oh I also like the song Lately which was released in 1980. I was about 5 years old that time. At that early age, I already know how to appreciate his music. I still listen to his music and it always relaxes me. His music is heavenly for me. It's like drinking a cold glass of iced tea which refreshes me after finishing it.

Speaking of relaxing and refreshing, a friend of mine suggested using sugar and body oil for exfoliating. So this morning, I mixed half a cup of white sugar and pour in some oil. I mixed it until the oil covered every bit of the sugar and then, I took a shower. I lather and lather, there's nothing more refreshing than a morning shower. After I washed off, I took the sugar and oil mixture, I took some and gently massage it on my body. I can feel every bit of the sugar massaging my skin. It's so rejuvenating. After massaging it on my whole body, I again enjoy another splashes of water. It's so refreshing. The sugar removes dirt and dry dead skin while the body oil helps to moisturize our skin.

Hey maybe you knew some beauty tips or any beauty secrets, which need not to be expensive, and is readily available in our kitchen that you want to share with me so C'mon I'm listening.