Im back...

Finally... Now I have the time to blog. Its been a week or two that I haven't been here. So, what's been happening to me lately aside from a busy work week and sleepy weekends nothing really much had happen. Uh oh, I skipped work the other day. My body is so so exhausted and my I felt that my brain is malfunctioning and I do believed that I wont be that effective at work that day so I decided to have a leave, a sick leave to be precise. So today, I filed that sick leave wrote down the reason why I was away from work , hmmm...What will I write as a reason, aha...The ever famous reason, migraine, he he he. Bad me, blaming migraine for my absence and tolerating my laziness. Oh well, atleast I got to use 1 out of my 13 sick leaves.

Speaking of leaves, I'll be on a vacation leave on the 21st of this month and be coming back at work the next week after holy week. So it's a week long of bonding with husby. Im really excited and cant wait for it. Since husby has this 2am-10pm work schedule at Laguna,meaning he'll be home at quezon city at around 11:30-12 midnight. To late isn't, however, we still have time to talk and ask how the day was for us. I miss the time when we go home together, eat dinner outside or just do window shopping after work. The only good thing with this 2-10pm schedule was, I need not to wake up at 3:30am anymore to prepare his breakfast.This schedule will only last for a month, so by April, he will have another shift which is 8pm-5am....yaiks!!!!

Anyway, as I was saying, I'll be on leave on the 3rd week of March. Nah, I and husby will not going anywhere, We'll just be staying home, read a book. I borrowed Dan Browns Da Vinci Code from an officemate, or I might try those pending recipe that I gathered from friends, ofcouse its a no meat recipe timely for the Lenten season. We have a DVD of The Passion of Christ. I have watched that already but husby hasn't so Its in our viewing list this Holy Week.

Lastly, Mia and the rest of my ym chatmates decided to create a blog, all about life and love, and the everyday joys and challenges experienced by married women. So check this out