100 Things about Me

1. I'm a coffee lover. I usually had 2-3 cups a day during weekdays
2. I once dreamt of becoming a journalist
3. But decided to be in the designing field instead
4. In HS, I once had a sketch pad full of nature theme drawings
5. I also had a notebook where I wrote down all my poems that I created
6 I hate math
7. I love science subj. especially chemistry.
8. I joined a science experimenting contest. My experiment on pesticide with the use of some herbs grabbed the 2nd place but I wasn't really sure if my experiment was effective or not,tee-hee
9. Im good in memorizing
10. I joined the glee club in grade school and HS
11. and it was the theater that I had joined in college.
12. I was assigned to be the scriptwriter in one of the school play that we'll be doing in our school.
13. and a guy friend asked if I could help him in the audition by acting with him. It ended up that I was in the acting group and had the lead role by accident and my guy friend, he wasn't chosen. :(
14. Attended 2 summer classes. I failed 2-math subject.
15. but manage to finish my Architecture in 5-years
16. I had my first job as a Quantitative Estimator in a marble company at Bulacan.
17. I only lasted in that company for 3 weeks. My Chinese boss is so masungit kc.
18. Im here in my present work for 5 years already.
19. I dont usually fall asleep easily at night not until I get my eyes tired in reading.
20. I loved reading books and magazine.
21. I easily cry when Im hurt emotionally
22. Hubby says Im unpredictable, sometimes Im nice sometimes Im not.
23. I love watching TV
24. I told hubby I wanted to study and learn web designing.
25. I love Iced-Tea so much
22. I just love asian food especially noodle.
23. I also love pasta.
24. I loved fried bangus so much that I can eat it by itself.
25. but I don't eat pangat o paksiw na bangus
26. I love listening to music. In fact I let the radio on while Im sleeping.
27. Im boyish when I was a kid.
28. I don't know how to drive a car
29. or ride a bike
30. I love playing virtual cops at malls
31. a certified shirt and jeans person I am
32. Can't leave home without my cellphone
33. I once wanted to go bungee-jumping
34. but Im afraid of heights
35. I was once a bulimic
36. and boy I was really thin that time
37. Donated blood in this children institution.
38. Im the eldest of us three.
39. I like doing PDA (public display of affection)
40. I love to have 3 kids
41. My longest relationship was 4 years and I thought that I would end up with him . But I didn't
42. Hubby and I were friends since 1997.
43. We found ourselves inlove while having a conversation over a cup of coffee.
44. He actually didn't propose, we just found out that we're talking about our wedding after 4 months of being steady.
45. I love peanut butter
46. I can eat pandesal by itself
47. If Im not home or at work, I can be spotted at a coffee shop.
48. I always write down schedules
49. I always plan ahead.
50. I love dark chocolates
51. I love dove soap, creamsilk white and Sunsilk
52. I love adobo with siling labuyo! (spicy food rocks!!!)
53. I'm scared of cockroaches
54. I found lots of friends online
55. and I meet some of them already
56. See my other side at WifeSpeaks
57. Before, I get irritated if someone asked if Im pregnant
58. But now...I answer them back with a smile
59. I wanted to learn photography
60. Hubby taught me to swim since we were together
61. But I really can't learn it
62. I can type fast
63. I can sit infront of a pc and do surfing the whole day
64. I slide a 5 pesos coin everyday in my blue teddy bank
65. I love answering crossword puzzle
66. My favorite color is red but my wedding motiff is green.
67. I love reading emails
68. and chatting as well
69. I prefer calling than texting
70. I can't leave home without a bag.
71. I love watching Disney film
72. I'm a romantic person
73. I love giving surprises to hubby
74. I love Dj very very much
75. To err is human and to forgive is divine
76. When I and Dj are just bf/gf, we talked over the phone from midnight till dawn
77. I have a wide collection of paper bags
78. I smoke before but quitted a couple of years ago.
79. I love going at the grocery
80. but hate long lines when paying at the cashier
81. I love the smell of fabric conditioner
82. I don't talk to anybody when Im busy at work.
83. I write on a piece of paper when Im sad or when Im hurt then I crumple the paper and throw it in a trash can. It makes me feel better.
84. When Im doing something I make it a point that I am giving my best.
85. I'm good in doing make-up which makes me think that I do wanted to do my own on my wedding day (but of course I didn't)
86. I love dancing
87. I love eating chocolate cookie dunk in a glass of milk
88. but Im not use in drinking milk
89. When I was a kid and ask to take paracetamol when Im sick, I pretend that I'm taking it but the truth was, I just let it inside my mouth and throw it when moms not watching me.
90. Im a no breakfast person.
91. I can have sandwich for lunch and/or dinner in days.
92. I love buying back issues of imported magazines
93. Drysdale mango is my favorite
94. I hate over acting people.
95. I love it when it rains.
96. but the thunder and lightning frights me
97. I've been wanting to lose weight
98. but I hate to exercise
99. So Im planning to go on a diet (again!!!)
100. and I love myself!!!!