Jenny or Angie...

Star. Thanks for this set of questions. This is fun.

1. Jennifer Aniston or Angelina Jolie for Brad Pitt?

It's Jennifer Aniston for me. Im not really into this Hollywood stuff. But I can say, Pitt Aniston break up made me sad. I may not really know them in person but from what I have read on magazines, they were such an inseparable couple before. Who would ever think that they will end up as ex-couple. Now that Brad and Angelina are playing good music together, I just hope for them the best and keeping my fingers cross that they wont end up in another divorce or something.

2. How did you mend your last broken heart?

It wasn't that easy. I cried for days. But of course it's not all crying. I told myself I have to move on. It's good to have friends and a very supportive family in times like this. and it's good that Dante, a great friend (turn great hubby) was very concerned. Yep, he was the one who helped me picked up all the broken pieces. He helped me heal the wounds that no good guy left. So Im very thankful to him for coming into my life..

3. Were you ever told you look like a celebrity?

Well, when I was in my early 20s, I was told that I look like Raven Villanueva (the pa-tweetum youngstar turned sexy star). Then when I chopped my hair short, they said I was like Aiko Melendez. Until now, It's still Aiko Melendez daw. Maybe because were both mataba, hahaha!

4. What was your most senseless purchase?

How about this cookbook. It's been seating in my bookshelf for ages. I was trying to learn cooking that time (college)so I bought it. I got sick following instruction in that cookbook so I decided to learn from experience na lang. After all practice makes perfect, right!

5. Will you spank your children to discipline them?

Nah. I don't believe in this. I might not be a parent at this moment but I know, spanking wont make any good. I'll just talk with the kid and explain what he did was wrong. or I can cut his TV pleasure of make him grounded as a disciplinary move.

Well, I also believe that we as grown-ups should sight a better example to our kids, whatever attitude they have is depending on how we mold them.


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