Holiday Mode

Since today is a holiday, I had the pleasure of waking up late. We had brunch around 1oam. I didn’t prepared breakfast, we just had the left over pancit canton, mom cooked last night.

After our late breakfast, Hubz went back at his work place to fix my laptop that has hardware problem since Sunday. I am about to miss my baby but then Hubz was really nice and loving enough for letting me use his laptop. I bloghop, surf and changed my blogger template. As I am figuring out how to make that strawberry header to fit (Help!!!!), I then realize, it's already 1pm, what!!!! Poor hubz, he's eating late meals lately. So I hurriedly cook for our very late lunch.

Hubz and I agreed to have chicken adobo.

I almost jump for joy after I tasted it because I cooked a perfect adobo, which was not too much on the vinegar nor not too much on the soy sauce. I many times cooked this dish but failed to balance the saltiness and sourness. But this time, I got it. We had it too for dinner, I just add hard boiled eggs and to make it hotter I put chillies. Perfect!!!!...

By the way, tomorrow is another non-working day, Quezon City day, Halleluah!!! Hope everyone is having a grand time :)


Sinta said...

Omg, my mouth is watering. I miss chicken adobo. I usually just cook pork adobo to be safe (i've had a few chicken disasters in the kitchen). Mmmmm, I can almost taste it!

bem said...

looks good! penge! ako din hirap magbalance ng timpla sa adobo. come to think of it... anything with suka yata - hindi ako success.