Weekend Rambling

Hahaha...I did a lot of tags today. Those were overdue tags that I promised to do. I have few more left. I'll be doing them these coming days. So watch out for it :)

Now, let me update you a bit about my colorful life (as if). Aside from the glorious long weekend that many of us will enjoy, I am excited to bake more yummy goodies. Hubz bought an oven. He knew I've longing to have this. Though we have a microwave with bake function, I much prefer a bigger oven. This means, more more cupcakes and cheesecakes recipe to post. :)

While half my heart rejoices...half of it was not. My BFF at work bid her goodbye yesterday. I've cried bucket when I heard the news the other week. But I need to be mature to face this situation. Thinking of the great opportunity awaits her made me realize that I am not losing her. She will always be there. So last night, the team had a little drinking session party, hahaha. Just have a few shots of tequila, singing once in a while and some good laughs made us all happy. The husband and I left much earlier because he was sleepy na and on our way home, I sent a text message to her saying

It's not goodbye yet, it's see you later...

As I pressed the send button, tears just rolled over. My heart cried in sadness, in silence. After working with her for 5 years, I will surely miss her. So while she is her at Pinas, visiting her will lessen the missing her part

Okay...enough of my doldrums...Lets all enjoy the weekend :) See yah later!