More Loving Here Again

After my hubz bought me this My Newly delivered Oven. I am so excited to use it. Now I could really make more cuppies and cheesecakes, woohhh. It is also timely because I am thinking of givng my bake goodies to friends this coming Yuletide...who wants, raise your hand :) Hope everyone is having a great weekend! See yah!


mEldita said...

AKO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! pero kahit recipe lang ok na ko :D

looking forward for more yummy food posts from you ;)

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something purple said...

Happy baking jeanny!
enjoy your new oven!

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Jeanny said...

Mel & Em: Thank thanks. I'll surely enjoy it. :)

joanharvest said...

That oven looks great. Have fun baking. That chicken Adobo looked good too.
My daughter and I do a lot of baking for the holidays that we give out as gifts. We enjoy doing it together.

ceztlavie said...

i want! i want! hahaha!

enjoy your new oven :)

sheng said...

WOw, I love your new oven, How I wish I could have one too. When i move to my new house, I willdefinitely ask hubz for this too.

Enjoy baking. And I am raising my two hands. I am sure though, the goodies foodies won't spoil while in transit to Gensan City!

Blue Rose said...
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Blue Rose said...

wow! oven. goodluck to your baking. more cookies and cheesecake to look forward.
i'm raising my two hands and two feet for the goodies. harharhar.

princess_dyanie said...

Me me me!!! I'm raising my both hands!!!! bake bake bake na!!! :)

Gracie said...

I want some too!
Nice oven, am sure there will be lots of good things coming out from that oven!

ms firefly said...

do you mail to ireland? :)
i'd love your baked goodies for sure! :)

what a sweet husband, you are a lucky girl!

Sinta said...

That's a wicked looking oven :) Hope to see photos of your baking wonders with it soon ^_^ I can't wait for my oven to conk out. I need an excuse to get a brand new shiny one to play with!