Pinoy Spaghetti

I woke up from a nap yesterday thinking I want Jollibee spaghetti but I was too lazy to go out and delivery needs to have a minimum order and its only spag that I want. Since there is a grocery near our place (it will only take 2 minutes to get there). I decided to buy the ingridients for my simple pinoy spaghetti.

So what I did, I grab 400 grams of spaghetti pasta. Boiled it al dente (around 8minutes), drained and set aside.
Then I chopped 1 white onion. Thrown it in a preheated pan with olive oil. Then add the chopped garlic. When the garlic is a bit brown (not burn) I add the 560grams of del monte pinoy style spag sauce and add UFC banana catsup (about half a cup). Season with salt, pepper and sugar. When it simmer thrown in the sliced hotdogs (about 5 pieces), bits of ham and shredded cheese ( I used queso de bola). Wait until the sauce thickens. Then thats it.

Pour over cooked pasta an topped with cheese. sarap!!.

I enjoyed my pinoy spaghetti.


kg said...

jeanny! pareho kayo ng post ni sheng! he he! kami din merienda namin ngayon spaghetti! is there somthing going on? is it "world spaghetti day?" he he!

Jeanny said...

hahaha. world spagetti day, I lvoe it!

sheng said...

Haha, pareho tayo ng post, spaghetti. I wanted to blog about that bowl of spaghetti I cooked many weeks back, I just couldn't find the right time, so just when I have nothing better to post, i decided to post my spaghetti! Pareho pa tayo! Minsan, ang sarap mag spaghetti ano?

upto6only said...

naku oo nga. kakain ko lang din ng carbonara. hmmm pasta galore tayo. pahingi naman

docgelo said...

pagnakauwi kami sa pinas, kain agad kami sa jollibee dapat! i miss their spaghetti! pero mukhang mas masarap ang version mo, jeanny! yum. yum. yum!patikim naman!

krisjasper said...

Im hoping to enter Jollibee's doors again... SOON! lol

And hey, thanks for visiting my site


Henry said...

For me, spag with onion powder is the best. I don't need to look for onion and remove it while I'm eating, hehe. I'm onion hater.