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Thanks to loving Mami Cez for this tag. Sorry for doing this so late ha. :)
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I am not really into make up, I work at an engineering company and I am know as one of the boys. When I do some make up application my co-workes would tease...lolz Anyway here are my "essentials" The milk sunblock, the dewy flower moisturiser and the phytogenic face powder, all from the faceshop. I just love everything from the faceshop. Very gentle just enough for sensitive skin.

I also used their non sticky lipgloss, again from The Face Shop. :) Well that's about it. I just make my self simple everyday. The last time I had my total make-up was 5 years ago...That was my wedding hehehe! I am passing this to Dyanie, Toni & Rachel. I wanted to know what this pretty young ladies uses. So enjoy! :)


princess_dyanie said...

sis, thanks sa tag! I'm done na! :P